Colocation vs. Colo-in-the-Cloud

The Ns3i platform is an alternative to traditional colocation services.

Our platform enables a new type of colocation service that takes the control, choice and customization of a colocation environment and combines it with the instant provisioning and operational expense of cloud IaaS. 

In other words, the platform delivers everything one would expect from a colocation environment but with the added capabilities of instant sourcing, provisioning, and pay-as-you-grow pricing.  

View the comparison matrix below for a side-by-side comparison: 

Control of DevicesHighHigh
Choice of Sourcing DevicesHighHigh
Network CustomizationHighHigh
Provisioning/Reprovisioning AgilityHighLow
Device ExpenditureOperational/CapitalCapital
Capital SavingsHighLow
Colo space setupInstantWeeks/Months
Device SourcingInstant/DaysWeeks/Months
PowerMeteredOver Commitments
Commitment TermsMonthlyAnnual/Multi year
Network Services TermsMonthlyAnnual
Datacenter Technician/StaffNoneRequired


To learn more about our Colo-in-the-Cloud platform contact us at: or 1-844-343-3474.