Ns3i offers the first colocation alternative.  If you need total control of your IT infrastructure environment, choice of technologies and network services, require customization and want to do this dynamically, then you should consider the Ns3i platform.


Use our interface to build a corporate data center in the cloud.  We deliver the same level of control as a traditional colocation environment with 100% more automation.


Business of all types and sizes are consuming data center services and driving the rapid growth of the colocation market.

This growth is partly driven by mid-sized businesses opting out of building their own data centers and technology companies that started with cloud moving to colocation to take advantage of the cost savings, control, choice and customization that colocation offers. 

In fact, at a certain scale it makes sense to take the "hybrid" approach in which "steady-state" applications are hosted in a colocation facility and cloud IaaS is used for "bursty" or temporary work loads. 

The downside to the hybrid approach is the colocation service delivery model has changed little in the last decade.   As a result, colocation users deal with: 

  • Multi-year contracts
  • Limited pricing transparency
  • Over commitments
  • Capital expenditure
  • Hiring of data center operations staff
  • Long-provisioning and delivery times
  • No / low automation

Ns3i offer a faster and more-cost effective alternative to colocation - we call it: Colo-in-the-Cloud.  

If you are considering a new colocation build out or need to expand a current colocation environment, give us a call to learn more about the Ns3i platform and how it can benefit your business.  

Traditional Colocation vs. Colo-in-the-ClouD

San Francisco Bay Area Colocation

Do you need colocation services in the San Francisco Bay Area?  Then learn more about the Colo-in-the-Cloud alternative.

San Francisco, California Colocation 

Santa Clara, California Colocation 

Do you need colocation in a different metropolitan area?  Let us know what city you require.


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