Since 2012, we have pioneered a new type of IT infrastructure provisioning platform along with an innovative business model to address the needs of IT operations at mid-sized businesses.

Ns3i LLC

The Ns3i team includes infrastructure, network and software experts as well as cloud IaaS and hosting pioneers, and thought leaders.  Our collective experience and insights have enabled us to usher in a new outsourced infrastructure model that combines the control, choice and customization of an on-premises data center with the instant provisioning of cloud infrastructure as a service.

What distinguishes us from the rest of the market is our emphasis on delivering an unprecedented level of control and choice of technologies as well as a feature-rich platform to promote faster innovation giving our customers the flexibility to deploy existing IT resources to more strategic areas of their business.

At Ns3i, we are committed to bridging the gap that exists between colocation and cloud infrastructure, while pursuing our vision to be considered the world’s most dynamic platform for sourcing, provisioning and managing outsourced IT infrastructure.

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The Founding Team


Yogesh Angrish, Founder, CEO

Yogi is a network and infrastructure expert with 17 years' experience as a network engineer and architect.  Yogi has designed, built and scaled some of the world’s largest multi-tenant Cloud IaaS networks.  In 2008, he designed and led the implementation of GoGrid’s global network that spanned both the North American and European continents and supported thousands of customers.  Yogi launched Ns3i in August 2012 as the world's first Colo-in-the-Cloud™ infrastructure service.


Suleman Alam, Co-founder, CTO

Suleman is a software architect and engineer with more than 15 years experience building highly scalable software systems. Prior to co-founding Ns3i, Suleman architected and built the core of Variphy Insight, a product to simplify management of Cisco Unified Communication VoIP networks. The architecture, being highly layered, enabled easy addition of new customer requirements whilst maintaining high quality control. Suleman is the core architect of Ns3i’s NetCore™ platform and responsible for all technical aspects of the system. 


Mario Olivarez, Co-founder, CMO

Mario brings more than 15 years of experience as a technology product management, marketing and sales executive and serial entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding Ns3i, Mario was on the founding team of GoGrid, a pioneering cloud IaaS provider.  At GoGrid, he introduced many industry firsts, including hybrid hosting.  Mario has also worked at various cloud infrastructure and hosting startups and enterprises including nScaled, a disaster recovery as a service provider, UpStream Networks, ServePath and AT&T.


Paul Chopra, Co-founder, CFO

Paul has 18 years of experience as a corporate and finance executive. Prior to Co-founding Ns3i, Paul worked at various technology start-ups including RPX Corporation, Meru Networks and Xenogen Corporation where he was instrumental in creating scalable and public company level infrastructure and was a key member of the teams that led successful initial public offerings (Xenogen in 2004, Meru in 2010 and RPX in 2011).  Most recently, he was the Vice President and Corporate Controller at RPX Corporation.  He is a CPA in the State of California and began his career in public accounting at KPMG.