We make it possible for IT Operations to build physical IT infrastructure faster and with more control. 


The Ns3i team includes infrastructure, network and software experts as well as cloud IaaS and hosting pioneers, and thought leaders.  Our collective experience and insights have enabled us to usher in a new outsourced infrastructure model that combines the control, choice and customization of an on-premises data center with the instant provisioning of cloud infrastructure as a service.

What distinguishes us from the rest of the market is our emphasis on delivering an unprecedented level of control and choice of technologies as well as a feature-rich platform to promote faster innovation giving our customers the flexibility to deploy existing IT resources to more strategic areas of their business.

At Ns3i, we are committed to bridging the gap that exists between colocation and cloud infrastructure, while pursuing our vision to be considered the world’s most dynamic platform for sourcing, provisioning and managing outsourced IT infrastructure.


Yogesh Angrish, Founder, CEO

Yogi is Founder and CEO of Ns3i, responsible for setting the company's vision and strategy. 

Yogi is a network and infrastructure expert with 17 years' experience as a network engineer and architect.  Yogi has designed, built and scaled some of the world’s largest multi-tenant Cloud IaaS networks.  In 2008, he designed and led the implementation of GoGrid’s global network that spanned both the North American and European continents and supported thousands of customers. 


Ajay leads sales, partnerships and business development for Ns3i

Ajay is values as a professional advisor to C-level management in diverse start-up and mature businesses  regarding vision, start-of-the-art governance, management, restructuring and technology transfer to take products, services and technology to the next level.  He has more than 18 years of Management Consulting experience, and brings deep experience in global strategy  development, business planning, financial modeling, market and environment analysis, international marketing management, M&A, private equity, outsourcing and product management.


Rodolfo leads software architecture and development at Ns3i

Rodolfo has over 18 years of experience and is an expert in designing and developing large-scale front-end and backend software and databse systems.


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