Q: What is a dynamic IT infrastructure marketplace?

A: Our dynamic IT infrastructure marketplace is a new type of IT infrastructure service that enables the instant sourcing and provisioning of physical IT infrastructure and network services from a wide variety of providers and vendors to build an on-demand datacenter. The platform is the first true dynamic alternative to traditional colocation.

Q: Is Ns3i's platform really an alternative to colocation?

A: Yes. And in fact, it is the only alternative. Our platform delivers the same level of control, choice and customization of an on-premises or colocation environment. The difference is you don't have to manage the physical datacenter. We have automated the colo experience from soup-to-nuts.

Q: What if the device or network service I need is not listed in the marketplace?

A: If you need a device or network service that is not listed in the marketplace just let us know what you need and we will find a partner to deliver the service. We built our platform to make it easy and quick to add new hardware and network service providers.


Q: Where are your datacenter locations?

A: We operate our platform from a tier 3 data center facility located in Santa Clara, CA. If you require a different location, let us know the location. Our platform is designed to easily scale across data centers in a metro region and across metro regions.


Q: Are the physical devices dedicated to me?

A: Yes. When you source and provision a physical device, such as a server, firewall or storage system, the device is dedicated to you - there is no sharing of the infrastructure with other customers.


Q: Do you offer virtual infrastructure?

A: Yes. You can source and provision virtual infrastructure from our marketplace providers.


Q: Can I source and provision physical infrastructure and then virtualize it myself?

A: Yes. We enable you to provision physical servers, storage, routers and firewalls, virtualize them, and then use the virtual instances within your network topologies.


Q: What level of control do I maintain over the infrastructure?

A: You maintain the same level of control as an on-premises or colocation environment. You get console access to storage, network and security devices so you can access the operating system and use the full feature set of the device. With servers, you get IPMI access so you can install your own operating systems and have access to the server's subsystem.






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