NetApp Backup and Recovery 

Ns3i offers a powerful provisioning platform for buidling dedicated and multi-tenant NetApp Backup and Recovery solutions for 7-Mode and Clustered Data ONTAP.

Service Highlights

  • Use a browser to build a NetApp Backup environment 
  • Instant provisioning
  • Competitive monthly pricing
  • No long-term commitments

Feature Highlights

  • Physical or virtual NetApp options 
  • Drag and drop provisioning interface
  • Full administrative control
  • Dynamic bandwidth capacity 
  • IPSec VPN or WAN access


NetApp Backup Provisioning - watch

This solution is the quickest to deploy and easiest to understand of all the cloud backup solutions I have encountered. Simply log in, define your topology, select your backup target size and configure a SnapMirror relationship. It’s that easy.
— Tony Bar, Director of Engineering

NetApp Backup Costs

Our NetApp Backup service is competitively priced and is more cost effective than an in-house solution. Pricing starts at $0.35/GB. Read our NetApp Backup total cost of ownership analysis.


NetApp Backup FAQ

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