Our technology, NetCore™, enables an on-demand data center service with the control, choice and customization of an on-premises data center or colocation environment.


NetCore™ is a highly dynamic solution delivering agility and automation as well as control and security.  From a single web platform, you can dynamically source and provision physical and/or virtual (network, systems, security and storage) devices of your choice and create custom layer-2 network topologies of arbitrary scale and complexity to connect the devices. 

On the Ns3i platform, you maintain full control of your infrastructure, including console access to all physical devices and the ability to power any device up or down. Furthermore, the platform enables you to maintain your existing segregation of duties between systems, networking and storage teams for robust security from any internal threats. The high level of control offered by the Ns3i platform, in conjunction with the ability to segregate roles, enables organizations to overcome the security barrier to cloud infrastructure adoption.

The Ns3i platform combines the instant provisioning of cloud IaaS with the level of control, choice and customization of an on-premises data center or colocation environment, making Ns3i the only company delivering Colo-in-the-Cloud™. 

  • Instant provisioning
  • Virtual and physical devices
  • Single and multi-tenant infrastructure
  • Custom layer-2 network topologies
  • 802.1Q support 
  • Broadcast and multicast support
  • Out-of-band management
  • Accessible via WAN or Internet connection
  • Extend on-premises layer-2 networks to Ns3i

Build custom network topologies and attach virtual and physical devices with our drag and drop interface