Release Update: 15-03

As you may know, Ns3i is pioneering a new type of cloud infrastructure service that lets users build a data center in the cloud with the control, choice and customization of a colocation environment - we consider it the first true colocation alternative.

We are making excellent progress and now have a thriving user base, infrastructure and network service providers and an expanding referral program.
As the platform evolves, we want to keep you up-to-date with new features, UI changes and new providers we add to our dynamic infrastructure marketplace.

We have two major developments to announce:

  1. New feature – Power Metering
  2. New provider - iXsystems

The new Power Metering functionality enables users to manage and control the power associated with hosted IT infrastructure.  The Power Metering functionality is accessible in the new “Monitoring” top navigation link. 
The Power Metering enables the following functionality:

  • Turn on or off a PDU outlet - this is the equivalent of a hard reboot
  • View the status of a PDU outlet – on or off
  • View the power connectors per device
  • Determine if the device power connectors are plugged in
  • View power consumption statistics:
    • Total kWh used per device connector
    • Total kWh used per device
    • Total kWh used per topology
    • Total kWh used per account


The newest partner to join our growing marketplace is iXsystems, an innovative company hailing out of San Jose, CA that builds high-performance and cost-effective storage systems based on open source software - they call their storage systems TrueNAS.

TrueNAS is based on FreeNAS – the world’s most popular storage OS.  The TrueNAS storage systems can be rented for an affordable monthly price and deployed instantly. These systems can be used as:

  • Replication target for business continuity
  • Storage for mission-critical VMs
  • Video editing

Visit iXsystems’ storefront in the Ns3i marketplace to learn more or contact Ns3i for a demo - 844-343-3474.
Thank you for your continued support and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
- The Ns3i Team