Update - April 2015

Since the last update, we have made significant enhancements to our platform and dynamic IT infrastructure marketplace - the platform enables the instant sourcing and provisioning of physical IT infrastructure and network services from a marketplace of technology providers to build an on-demand datacenter. 

The majority of new capabilities are marketplace related, however, we do have partnership updates and other activities to announce.

Here are the latest updates:

  1. Marketplace Enhancements 
  2. New Provider: A10 Networks
  3. Provider Spotlight: Curvature

1. Marketplace Enhancements
In order to provide a product-centric view of the marketplace, we have added the following capabilities:

1.1 New Home Page Design

The new home page design (screenshot below) features device and service categories to simplify the browsing experience. Now you can select a category and browse all the related products right from the home page.


1.2 Product Categories:
The platform also supports the concept of product categories, such as: security, server, storage, WAN, etc. In addition, we have added category breadcrumbs (screenshot below) and side navigation to enhance the user experience. 

1.3 Product Snippet Enhancements
The Product Snippet now displays the following fields: 
- "Provider" - refers to the provider renting the device
- “Provision by” - refers to the date the device will be available for provisioning 
- "Pricing" - refers to the rental cost of the device
- “Short” product description (screenshot below)

1.4 Product Display Page Enhancements
The Product Display page includes the following new capabilities designed to simplify the infrastructure and network services sourcing experience:
- "Provider” field - clicking on "Provider"  takes you to the provider storefront
- “Type” field as been added
- “Order” button has been added

1.5 Pagination
We added pagination to product category pages to make it easier to browse categories.

2. New Provider: A10 Networks 
We are pleased to announce a partnership with A10 Networks to offer their Thunder 1030S Application Delivery Controller on our platform.

A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) is a leader in application networking, providing a range of high-performance application networking solutions that help organizations ensure that their data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure.

The partnership is getting off the ground, expect more details in the coming months. Contact us to learn more.

3. Provider Spotlight: Curvature

Curvature, formally known has Network Hardware Resell, is the world's leading provider of pre-owned and new-surplus networking equipment and services solutions with a global presence with corporate locations in the US, the Netherlands and Singapore. 

They have over 500 employees globally, $200 million in new and pre-owned product selection and annual revenues of over $260 million. They offer the most popular current- and previous- generation products from the leading networking and data center equipment vendors, such as Cisco, Juniper, A10, HP, IBM, Extreme and Brocade.

Curvature’s value proposition is their ability to deliver a wide selection of new and pre-owned hardware with full support at cost-effective price points. Not all use cases require new hardware. And on the Ns3i platform, those hardware solutions are delivered instantly! For more information, visit  Curvature's storefront

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Thank you for your continued support!
The Ns3i Team