On-Demand Physical IT Infrastructure

Our dynamic infrastructure marketplace lets you instantly source and provisioning IT infrastructure and network services from our large eco-system of providers in minutes.  

The Ns3i dynamic infrastructure marketplace lets users instantly source and provision physical infrastructure and network services to build a data center in real time.  Our platform can be considered the first alternative to colocation.

We give users full control of their environment, including: console and IPMI access to devices, and the ability to build custom network topologies to connect their devices without ever having to be in the data center themselves.


  • Build a data center in the cloud with physical devices
  • Maintain full control of the environment
  • The first colocation alternative
  • Instant access to a wide selection of technologies and vendors


Our drag-and-drop provisioning interface.

Our drag-and-drop provisioning interface.

  • Dynamic IT infrastructure marketplace
  • Instant sourcing and provisioning of IT infrastructure and network services 
  • Drag-and-drop provisioning interface
  • Console / IPMI access 
  • Remote power management
  • Custom network topologies
  • IPSec VPN, WAN or Metro Ethernet access
  • Use existing software licenses

We give our users the same level of control, customization and choice of a colocation or on-premises environment combined with the instant provisioning of the IaaS. 

We built our platform for those businesses that want the agility of IaaS, but need to maintain full control of the environment.

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