Build a cost-effective disaster recovery environment on the Ns3i platform with TrueNAS storage technology.

Join us for an entertaining and informative webinar with Ns3i and iXsystems.

Join us for an entertaining and informative webinar with Ns3i and iXsystems.

TrueNAS Unified Storage on the Ns3i platform offers a highly-available, high-performance, and feature-rich storage appliance that can be used to build a robust Disaster Recovery environment to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

TrueNAS unifies SAN and NAS in one appliance and provides a wide variety of services and protocols so you can easily replicate your data to a remote facility.

TrueNAS provides a reliable, fast, cost-effective and easy-to-manage storage solution.


  • One appliance for NAS or SAN
  • CIFS/SMB, AFP, and NFS for file storage
  • iSCSI for block storage
  • Every common operating system, hypervisor, and application is supported

Integrated Snapshots and Replication

TrueNAS provides unlimited, instant previous file version retention and restoration without intervention by administrators. With a comprehensive snapshot schedule, data is automatically protected locally against unintentional alteration and replicated remotely to another TrueNAS storage array for redundancy and/or disaster recovery.


  • Affordable monthly cost
  • Dedicated infrastructure
  • Up to 30% cheaper than an in-house solution
  • Instant provisioning
  • Simplified management

TrueNAS Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

See the total cost of ownership for building a TrueNAS online backup environment with Ns3i vs. do-it-yourself with colocation.


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